Hello, I'm Kevyn
I'm currently a Product Designer at Lyft.
Lead • 2018-Present
Building tools to make product teams faster and more efficient.
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Dark Mode
Lead • Late 2019
Developed a new approach to Dark Mode using the color algorithm.
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Lead • Late 2018
Created a holistic messaging framework, which includes messaging components and guidelines for product teams.
Lead • 2018
Created Lyft's type framework to ensure user legibility and supported the various experiences at Lyft like Riding and Driving. I also developed a type tool that measures a type style's legibility to make decisions more objective.
Designer & Engineer • 2018
Created a publically available web tool that uses Lyft's color algorithm, so that everyone can build accessible color sets easier. Currently generates 3 million colors per month and is used by more than 11,000 companies.
Lead • Early 2018
Created Lyft's color framework, which is optimized for accessibility, scale, and longevity.
Lyft Product Language
Product Designer • 2018-present
Co-founded a new company-wide design system with a focus on quality and accessibility. Tools is a subteam of Lyft Product Language.
Design Systems
Product Designer • 2016-2018
Helped create Facebook Design Systems, which merged the varius guidelines teams together as one. I led projects like typography, color, grids, and others across all of Facebook's products.
Business, Design Systems
Product Designer • 2015-2016
Lead design for Dropbox's business products. Later worked on what became Dropbox's first design system.
Spark Business & Spark Pay
Product Designer • 2014-2015
Lead design of their new business suite. Spark Business was small to medium business banking experience, and Spark Pay was a point of sale app.
Consulting & Freelance
Designer & Engineer • 2010-2014
Before moving out to the Bay Area, I designed and engineered apps, tools, landing pages for small & medium businesses.